Heartfelt Feedback from Saskatoon

I always worry a bit when a client purchases a painting of mine without being able to “meet it in person” first. This recent feedback from a new client in Saskatoon put a big smile on my face.

“My beauty arrived on time in excellent condition! I was nervous and excited about unwrapping REVIVAL. It was like a Russian doll as I removed all of the layers. It was better than Christmas! The images were beautiful but nothing like seeing it in front of me. I’m so pleased.”

Comments like this serve as a nice reminder as to how truly lucky I am to have a passion for something which brings me such pleasure at both ends – both in the act of creation AND in the positive impact those works can have once they leave the studio.

REVIVAL acrylic 36×60. Purchased through Quinn’s of Tweed Fine Art. Photography by McFee Design